Route 210 to Interstate 215
Future Route 210 Construction Activity

Paving the 210 near RialtoAlthough Route 210 opened to drivers in July 2007, construction will continue under separate contracts in the future. This work will include:

  • Seismic retrofit of the Union Pacific Railway bridge in San Bernardino
  • Construction of an interchange at pepper Avenue in Rialto. SANBAG built a bridge at this location. Once the City of Rialto extends Pepper Avenue north to Route 210 SANBAG will build on-ramps and off-ramps at this location. Preliminary engineering and preparation of the environmental document are underway now through the city’s consultants.
  • Route 210 to Interstate 215 high speed connectors
  • Freeway landscaping is planned for the final eight miles of Route 210. Caltrans is developing the landscaping design, which will follow the elements of the Foothill Corridor Beautification Master Plans. Irrigation systems, trees, shrubs, groundcover, flowers and rock treatments will be installed under separate landscaping contracts in the future.



Page updated: August 12, 2016