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Measure I: I-10 Corridor Project

I-10 Corridor


The proposed I-10 Corridor Project consists of adding lane(s) and providing improvements along all or a portion of the existing 35-mile stretch of I-10 from approximately 2 miles west of the Los Angeles/San Bernardino county line in the City of Pomona to Ford Street in the City of Redlands. This project is a major element of the San Bernardino Associated Governments' (SANBAG) 10-year delivery plan, with an estimated construction cost of $650 million to more than $1.8 billion, depending on the alternative chosen. As a major regional east-west freeway corridor, I-10 is heavily used by travelers between Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, and it is also a major truck route between southern California and the rest of the nation. Currently, I-10 is at capacity for many hours of the day, and that condition is expected to worsen significantly during the coming years if more capacity is not added.

Project development work for the addition of managed lanes on Interstate 10 in San Bernardino County has commenced. SANBAG is working with Caltrans to perform preliminary engineering and conduct environmental studies for the addition of these new lanes along a 25 to 35 mile segment of the I-10. Three alternatives are currently being considered: one no build and two build alternatives. Both build alternatives include the construction of additional lane(s) in each direction, median barriers, sound walls, retaining walls, drainage facilities, and modifications to bridges and freeway ramps.

For more information, please see the I-10 Corrider Project website.