Interstate 215:
Barton Road Interchange, Grand Terrace

Barton road interchange traffic.SANBAG is working in partnership with Caltrans and the City of Grand Terrace for the reconstruction of the Interstate 215 interchange at Barton Road in Grand Terrace.



  • Project Overview
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Project Overview & Significance

SANBAG and RCTC are sharing responsibilities and costs for the current Project Approval/Environmental Document phase. Caltrans is providing oversight for this phase of work.

The project will replace the existing Barton Road interchange at Interstate 215. A longer bridge will be built over the freeway to accommodate both the new carpool lanes scheduled to be added to the freeway by late 2014 and the new general purpose lanes planned to be added by 2040. The project also will feature new on-ramps and off-ramps and realignment of local streets. The new bridge and ramps will allow for higher traffic volumes and reduce traffic delays.

Design alternatives are being considered for the project. Alternative designs will continue to be studied during the Project Approval/Environmental Document phase. Efforts are being made to minimize costs and the need to acquire property for the new interchange while considering accessibility to local streets.


Engineering & Environmental Studies

The Project Approval/Environmental Document phase of work requires a number of technical studies to be completed. Engineering studies include traffic volumes, mapping, public utilities, geotechnical reports, materials reports, drainage and storm water reports, and right of way needs. The results of these studies are used to develop cost estimates and prepare for future phases of the project – final design, right of way acquisition and construction.

Interstate 215/Barton Road Improvement Project Initial Study with Negative Declaration/Environmental Assessment with Finding of No Significant Impact — posted 03/21/14

Barton Road Draft Initial Study - posted 11/27/2013

Technical Studies - posted 11/27/2013

These documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format where possible. Compressed (.zip) files provide documents in their original CAD formats.


Traffic Data

  • Approximately 20,000 vehicles per day use the Barton Road interchange. An average of 3,200 vehicles per hour travel during peak commute times.
  • By 2040, an estimated 45,000 vehicles per day are expected to travel this interchange, and average peak hour traffic counts are expected to grow to 7,200 per hour.
  • The on-ramps and off-ramps at Barton Road, both northbound and southbound, currently operate at satisfactory levels during peak commuter hours. However, by 2040, the ramps are projected to operate at unsatisfactory levels during peak times, given the current ramp design.



Estimated Project Cost and Funding

Costs for the Project Approval/Environmental Document phase of work are being shared by SANBAG and RCTC. SANBAG is funding approximately $3.09 million of this project phase, and RCTC is funding an estimated $1.03 million.
The full project cost through construction is estimated to be $100 million in 2008-2009 dollars. This estimate is subject to change, based on future cost escalations.

Future funding for the interchange project will be provided in part by Measure I, the half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in San Bernardino County. SANBAG also will pursue state and federal funding sources.

Estimated Project Schedule

This project is scheduled to be completed after the I-215 carpool lane gap closure project between San Bernardino and Riverside is completed. The new interchange at Mt. Vernon Avenue/Washington Street in Colton will follow the completion of the Barton Road interchange. The following schedule for the Barton Road interchange assumes no unforeseen delays and is contingent upon receiving funding:

  • The Project Approval/Environmental Document phase has been completed.
  • Final design and right of way acquisition are estimated to be completed by early 2017.
  • Construction is expected to start mid-2017 and be completed by late 2020.

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