Interchange Projects

The Guthrie PretzelSANBAG recognizes the deficiencies of many freeway interchanges throughout San Bernardino County. Some of these interchanges are so impacted that not only are local streets and intersections clogged, but traffic is also backing up onto freeway travel lanes, creating significant delays and hazardous conditions.

In the face of very limited funding, SANBAG has worked to secure funding for interchange improvements throughout San Bernardino County. The Live Oak interchange project was completed in May, 2009 - on time and within budget. A number of other interchange projects are at various stages of project delivery, including but not limited to: 

Beyond the list of interchanges currently under construction or in project development, Measure I 2010-2040, approved in 2004, includes a dedicated pool of funding for improvements to interchanges in the San Bernardino Valley as well as a pool of funding that may include interchange projects in the Victor Valley. 

As part of preparation of the Measure I 2010-2040 Strategic Plan, the SANBAG Board approved a prioritization list of San Bernardino Valley freeway interchanges based on a benefit/cost analysis that included current congestion levels.  The interchange prioritization list will be updated biennially to account for changing levels of congestion at freeway interchanges throughout the San Bernardino Valley.