Grade Separation: Lenwood Road Grade Separation, Barstow

Ramona Grade Crossing 

Lenwood Road is a major truck traffic connector route between Interstate 15 and State Highway 58 to the north of the Mojave River. State Highway 58 carries significant levels of truck traffic from central California through to I-15. Barstow is a logical stopping point for many truck drivers, either for changing drivers or for mandatory rest stops, as there are six truck stops near this project. The Lenwood Grade Separation project, which began in 2007 is part of the Alameda Rail Corridor East project.

This project constructed a grade separated crossing along Lenwood Road over the existing BNSF tracks.  These improvements include the widening of Lenwood Road from two lanes to four lanes between Main Street and Jasper Road.  The project matches the City of Barstow’s General Plan and will accommodate future projected traffic demands.  Lenwood Road currently carries approximately 4,200 vehicles per day, including a high percentage of heavy trucks serving commercial, light industrial, and residential developments.  The primary objective of this project is to improve operation and safety by ensuring prompt emergency response time to businesses and residents, while eliminating the hazards and inefficiencies of trains passing through the flow of vehicular traffic.  As a result, impacts to air quality are reduced by eliminating the volume of idling vehicles.


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