San Bernardino County Goods Movement Strategy

Trucks moving goods in ColtonThe purpose of a goods movement strategy is to identify the issues facing San Bernardino County and to document potential facilities, revenue alternatives and legal interventions, which will minimize the undesirable impacts of goods movement and maximize benefits.

SANBAG hopes to accomplish the following objectives in the development of a goods movement strategy:

  • Create greater awareness about goods movement issues affecting San Bernardino County among the SANBAG Board of Directors and state and federal elected and appointed officials.
  • Create greater public and media awareness of goods movement issues affecting San Bernardino County.
  • Obtain needed resources to minimize negative impacts from freight movement and maximize positive impacts.
  • Facilitate freight movement through the area in ways that provide the goods movement industry with improved mobility and predictability.
  • Reduce damage and maintenance costs inflicted by large trucks to highway systems.
  • Reduce air quality impacts of goods movement.
  • Prioritize, design, and construct facilities that will provide greatest mitigation of goods movement impacts.
  • Address safety issues related to merging automobile and heavy truck traffic.
  • Mitigate delay caused by increased rail and truck travel adjacent to arterial roadways.
  • Recognize potential need for multiple strategies: 1) West Valley, 2) East Valley, and 3) High Desert.
  • Define policies that will reduce street impacts by large trucks.
  • Define policies that will lead to greater use of the three airports in San Bernardino County.

SANBAG Contact

Steve Smith
Director of Planning
Phone: (909) 884-8276