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Carpool laneThe transportation network in San Bernardino County consists of streets, highways, railways, airports, bicycle routes, and walkways. The responsibility for maintaining access to the network is shared between the various levels of government and funding for the construction, operations and maintenance includes federal, state and local taxes, fees, assessments and private investments.

As the County Transportation Authority, SANBAG is responsible for administering the County’s ½ sales tax dedicated to transportation, Measure I, and as the County Transportation Commission, SANBAG is responsible for overseeing certain federal and state funding programs. SANBAG's oversight responsibilities include coordinating with local, state, and federal agencies to allocate or award funds to projects that will provide the greatest transportation benefit to existing and future roadway and transit systems. However, the local agencies receiving these funds have many responsibilities as well and must be familiar with the funding guidelines.

The sections listed in the sidebar to the left will provide information summarizing the various local, state, and federal funding programs and provide links to guidelines and other useful information for these programs. In addition, local agencies can find information about and links to their projects in the Federal and State Transportation Improvement Programs, the Caltrans Local Assistance manuals, and other forms and information necessary for working with SANBAG to plan and implement projects.

SANBAG Contact

Andrea Zureick, Director
Fund Administration and Programming
Phone: (909) 884-8276
Fax: (909) 885-4407
Email: azureick@sanbag.ca.gov