Rideshare Program

Carpool partnersSANBAG is responsible for efforts throughout San Bernardino County to encourage commuters to carpool, vanpool, use public transit, cycle, or walk to work. This is primarily accomplished by working directly with large and small employers, as well as providing support to commuters who wish to share rides or use alternative forms of transportation.

Breaking News:  In partnership with the Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA), an $400 a month ongoing subsidy is being offered to vanpools that either originate or terminate in the greater Victor Valley.  Additional information is provided in the vanpool tab below.

For further information on programs offered in San Bernardino, as well as throughout Southern California, go to the Inland Empire’s one-stop website for traveler and rideshare information, www.IE511.org .

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Ridesharing: Employers

Vanpoolers meeting in the morningMany employers are concerned with the issues of traffic congestion and air quality, just like commuters. To address these concerns, SANBAG's Inland Empire Commuter Services (IECS) Program assists San Bernardino County employers of all sizes with their rideshare programs.

This service is provided to employers as a bi-county partnership of SANBAG and the Riverside County Transportation Commission. The San Bernardino County portion of IECS is funded exclusively through the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality program, as well as the county's half-cent transportation sales tax, Measure I.

IECS assists employers with development and maintenance of rideshare programs by providing information and support services free of charge to San Bernardino County employers. These services include:

  • Technical Assistance and Services -- IECS acts as a no cost resource to employers developing trip reduction plans for theSouth Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 2202 compliance.  IECS assists employers with Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR) calculation, information and assessment, AQMD Rule 2202 interpretation, and provides rideshare marketing campaign materials to promote ridesharing at their worksite.
  • Continuing Education - IECS hosts periodic employer transportation workshops which offer ongoing educational programs.
  • Special Events - IECS develops, organizes and implements regional events, such as Inland Empire Rideshare Week, workshops focusing on congestion management, air quality rules and issues, and an annual employer awards event.
  • Ride Matching - Log onto www.IE511.org and select “Rideshare” and “Commuter Services” to find information for online ride matching and much more.

For more information about starting a ridesharing program:

  • Call toll-free, 1-866-RIDESHARE (1-866-743-3742)
  • E-mail sanbag@iecs.info
  • Log onto www.IE511.org for more information about employer assistance in your area

Ridesharing Incentives Program

Rideshare incentivesEmployees may receive a $2 per day financial incentive for each day they rideshare to work during a three-month period. This program encourages employees to carpool (with a working adult), vanpool, ride the bus, ride Metrolink, bicycle, walk, or telecommute.

The incentives begin once an employee uses one or more of these alternative transportation methods to get to work at least five days each month for three months. After the three consecutive months, grocery gift cards are provided as incentives.

To qualify for the program, an employee must:

  • Be a resident of San Bernardino or Riverside County
  • Currently drive alone to a work site in Southern California
  • Not have participated in a rideshare arrangement within the past 90 days
  • Not have received an incentive from another publicly funded commuter incentive program within the past six months, and
  • Work for an employer who has been registered or is willing to register with the Rideshare Incentives program

For more information about SANBAG's incentive program:

  • Call toll free: 1 866 RIDESHARE (1-866- 743- 3742)
  • Email sanbag@iecs.info
  • Log onto www.IE511.org for current information on incentives available in your area.

Rideshare Incentive Program: Vanpool Incentives

Commuter van with "Kiss Congestion Goodbye" wrapper.To help you get a vanpool going, a startup subsidy is offered to new vanpools that originate and terminate in San Bernardino County.

How the Incentive Works

VVTA Subsidy
VVTA and SANBAG have secured a federal grant to jump start an ongoing, vanpool subsidy program for vanpools that either originate or terminate in the greater Victor Valley.  Greater Victor Valley includes the the communities of Adelanto, Apple Valley, Barstow, Helendale, Hesperia, Lucerne Valley, Victorville, Phelan, Piñon Hills, Oro Grande, Wrightwood, as well as surrounding unincorporated areas within this general geographic area.

Qualified vanpools receive up to $400 per month, on an ongoing basis, to help defray the vanpool costs. 

Note: Vanpools that qualify for the subsidy may not also receive the SANBAG $2 a day or 9-month staggered vanpool incentive, or any other subsidy from neighboring vanpool programs. 

For qualification information, guidelines, and online applications and forms, visit the VVTA website or email VVTA at vanpool@vvta.org.

SANBAG 9-Month Subsidy
Each new vanpool receives:

  • $1,800 over the course of a 9 month period $300 per month for the first three months
  • $200 per month for the second three months
  • $100 per month for the final three months 

Note: If fewer than 100% of the vanpool riders are Inland Empire residents, the incentive amount will be prorated accordingly, i.e. if eight of ten riders on a vanpool are Inland Empire residents, the vanpool will receive 80% of the total incentive.

The incentive is paid directly to the vanpool leasing company.  All arrangements, from vanpool formation to final lease agreements, are made directly with the vanpool vendors. The incentive will start when the vanpool group takes delivery of the van and begins operation of the new vanpool.


To qualify for the Vanpool Incentive Program, the vanpool must:

  • be established for the very first time (a completely new vanpool)
  • must start with and maintain a minimum of five people in the vanpool
  • have five or more persons commuting on a regular basis to and from work in a van
  • be comprised of participants who have not commuted to work in a vanpool in the previous 180 days (with the exception of the vanpool driver)
  • be made up of at least 65% of riders living in Riverside or San Bernardino counties, and originate in the Inland Empire
  • vanpool riders may not receive any other publicly funded financial incentive while they are participating in this program 

For More Information

For additional information call Inland Empire Commuter Assistance Program office at 1-866-IECS4HELP or (951) 343-2663.

Finding Carpool/Vanpool Partners
Log onto www.IE511.org, select “Find a Carpool/Vanpool,  log on and register in our database so that you can find a carpool or vanpool that meets your needs. You will instantly receive a RideGuide which provides alternative options to driving alone.

Rideshare Reward Program: Rideshare Plus

rideshare plus

SANBAG encourages commuters who begin ridesharing to continue using their alternate form of transportation. SANBAG’s Rideshare Plus brings together discounts from across the Inland Empire to increase your opportunities to save money. It’s our way of thanking you for ridesharing as often as you can. Whether you carpool, vanpool, walk, cycle, work from home or take public transit, we appreciate your effort to ease traffic congestion and improve air quality.

As a Rideshare Plus member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Rideshare Plus Rewards Book that contains more than $1,000 in premium discount coupons for dining, entertaining, services, and more.
  • Online Savings at more than 135,000 merchants nationwide.
  • Personalized Email Coupons that will include special offers within your geographic area.

To qualify for the Rideshare Plus program, you must:

  • Be a resident of San Bernardino or Riverside County
  • Rideshare to work in Southern California
  • Have been in a rideshare arrangement for at least three months and continue to rideshare at least one day per week

To get a Rideshare Plus application:


Looking for the latest rideshare info and tips? There are two newsletters: one for commuters and one for Southern California Employee Transporation Coordinators (ETCs).

For More Rideshare Information...

Metrolink engineHere are some sources of rideshare information:

  • Bike Routes
    Find bike routes that suit your commuting needs. Information is available at the SANBAG Non-Motorized Transportation Plan.
  • Bus/Metrolink/Rail
    You can now find Bus/Metrolink/Rail information on line. Log onto www.IE511.org and go to the Bus/Rail Trip Planner (maintained by Google Transit on behalf of Southern California transit providers) to find information about bus or rail schedules, fares, stops, maps and much more.
  • Find a Carpool/Vanpool Partner
    Go to www.IE511.org, select “Find a Carpool/Vanpool” , log on and register in our database so that you can find a carpool or vanpool that meets your needs. You will instantly receive a RideGuide which provides alternative options to driving alone.
  • Park and Ride
    To find a Park and Ride location nearest to your home, go to www.IE511.org, and then go to the “Rideshare” section and select Park and Ride lots for locations throughout Southern California. You can also see a list of park & ride lots in San Bernardino County here.
  • Regional Guaranteed Ride Home Program
    If you would like to learn more about a regional Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program, a cooperative program of the SANBAG and other Rideshare agencies, go to www.commutesmart.info and go to the “Employer Services” section and select “Tools and Support”.   This program provides commuters who rideshare with a free ride home (taxi or Enterprise Rental Car), in the event of an unexpected emergency or other circumstance.
  • SANBAG's Rideshare Incentive and Reward Programs
    To learn more about SANBAG's rideshare incentive and reward programs, employer rideshare services, Park and Ride lot locations, how to receive a RideGuide, or other commuter alternatives, please log onto www.IE511.org for a variety of ridesharing and commuting information in Southern California
    or contact :
    Toll-Free 1-866-RIDESHARE (1-866-743-3742)
    Fax (951) 343-2669
    Email: sanbag@iecs.info